June 30 2011 Event at LAXART

For the first Art in the Parking Space event, the artist Pierre Bismuth in Flashback, 2011 parked an anonymous rented car in the parking space directly in front of LAXART in which a recording he made of the announcement of the results of the presidential election of Barack Obama, 2008 played over and over again at a very loud volume. The work recounted the inspiring resonance of that heady day at the same time underscoring the emptiness of unfulfilled dreams. Jonathan Monk created This Space is Reserved for Your Wording, 2011 in which an everyday sign normally designating singular propriety was transformed into an open space of possibility as each person reading the sign was encouraged to create their own proclamation. Finally, Anita Pace’s work Dance Here, Here Dance, 2011 took place in two adjacent parking spaces in the back lot of LAXART. Based on the normative dimemsions of a delineated public parking space (130 square feet), a metronome set at 130 beats per minute created the rhythm for the dance performance. This was followed by a open dance session in the parking spaces with a DJ mix of boombox music themed around the utilitarian, dystopian and sentimental experiences of “parking.”