The! Tasting mit Jancis Robinson im Hotel Schweizerhof in Bern

The biggest tasting of the year, is to be held in the renovated luxury hotel Schweizerhof in Bern Switzerland. The evening will be the grand opening for Events and Fine dining, so expect no less than a fantastic night with entertainment.

The best wines in the world with a special designed gourmet dinner, which will be very difficult to match in the future. The tasting is the first in Switzerland, but the latest in a series of tastings with the rarest of the rarest. Done by the FINE group, partners and the collectors behind. The event will be divided into tree tastings

Some of the rarest possible wines, which are going to be tasted together with the Queen of Wines, Jancis Robinson. (Very limited seats)
The second tasting:
The surprisingly wines from Abadia Retuerta, a newly discovered superstar of the future Rare wines from the past.
The Third tasting:
To the dinner

First flight: The battle of giants.
The countless discussion on which producer created the best wines of the 20th century: PETRUS or LATOUR.
The vintages to secure the end of this discussion are (1945,1947, 1961, 1961)
Second Flight: The best of the best.
The best produceres in the world with many years of delivering the finest and most spoken for wines ever.
Romanee Conti
Chateau Lafite
Chateau Haut Brion
Vega Sicilia Unico
Vintages to be tasted are (1961, 1972, 1962)
Waters from around the world
Clear the palettes

Stories will be told & qustions will be answered by Jancis Robinson and the rest of the team
Aperitif :
Champagne 1911 (100 Year old Champagne)
3 Course Flight:
White wine from a never released cask of FX Pichler (be the first ever to taste this)
White Wine Hermannshof Riesling 1904 (historic wine)
Malaga Moscatel Colmenares Solera Lairos 1868 (a perfect vintage)
Romanee Conti La Tache 1969 (do we need to say more…)
Rosseau Chambertin 1990 (best wine ever from Rosseau)

Unique & Rare
The superstars of Abadia Retuerta in a way you have never seen before.
Rare wines of the wonderful past :
Chateau Latour 1923
Dom Perignon 1961
Krug clos de mesnil 1979
World class entertainment….
2 Course Flight:
Wine from Big Bottles
Da CAPO 2007 (RP 100) Double Magnum
Pavie 2000 (RP 100) Magnum
Sine Qua None Incognito 2001 (RP100) Magnum

6 Different desserts :
Yquem 2001 (RP100)
Taylor port 1970 (RP100)
Stanza Eszencia III (real free run & very rare from Tokai) (RP100)

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